”Exceptional experience, have enjoyed all group sessions. Have taken away some tools for life. The CDs will be invaluable to me in life and I hope the group stays in touch.

Thank you David  for running such an inspiring and useful class”


”The course has given me tools to help me identify and deal with depression. It has given me the gift of silence in my head. I can now deal with challenges without over thinking. Thank you”.


”Mindfulness has become a part of my daily life and by its nature it has not been difficult. The ease and freedom with which the material is taught is reflective of the practice itself. This helps a great deal !”


”Mindfulness is allowing me to find and explore, and hopefully develop chinks of light in what was becoming an overwhelmingly dark and depressing place

Thank you”


”I have felt totally validated with affirming feedback from the course leaders rather than seeing GP saying I meditate and a feeling of not being taken seriously by some.

This has given me tools that I can apply practically in my life and I know a lot will make sense to me as the months go on”


”What has been important to me is allowing myself time and space to assess where I am at with my difficulty. To realise that I have choice about how to respond to this and other significant things in my life – rather than follow a pattern of negative thoughts and ways of reacting. It has been important by encouraging discipline in addressing this and allowing myself space, kindness and respect that I give/show to others”

Thank you


”The 8 week programme has opened up a new way of relating to myself and the world. The tools learned have allowed me to see that my thoughts are indeed not facts and that I do have choice in how I deal with them and with situations. The programme has led me to understand that anxiety is not best tackled by working and trying harder leading not to solutions but exhaustion.

There is already a huge impact of my changing attitude and noticing the moment has meant that the regular enjoyment of a day is more accessible than it has been for many years”


”I have reached a place where after 15 years of various medications and therapies, I needed what could be a permanent solution.

Mindfulness has taught me a great deal and for the first time in ages I’m calming down. David has been excellent in delivering all the tools needed to set me back on track.

It’s early days, but I’m beginning to feel positive again”


“I think that the course and the instructors were excellent – friendly and helpful.

I started out quite sceptical but over the course I believe that it gave me tools to help deal with difficulties and opened up a new way of seeing things in a simple way.

I think that is is far better than any medication.

Overall I believe that the course helped me to take control of my life again and I would highly recommend this course, and mindfulness in general, to everyone.”