David’s interest in meditation  grew from an  attraction to Taoist philosophy with its profound simplicity, practicality and ”down to earth” applications to everyday life. With this in mind, he has over the years, attempted to bring this focus on ”here and now” combined with acceptance and compassion into his ordinary everyday life and work. It was  as a student at Nottingham School of Nursing in 1982 that David first began meditation practice. Since this time he has received training and instructions in both Zazen ( also referred to as ‘Choiceless Awareness’ and ‘just sitting’ ) and  Insight Meditation or Samatha Vipassana.

David spent much time in the early years travelling to the Buddhist Society in London at weekends, to take part either in the meditation classes or to receive instruction from his Teacher the late Venerable Myokyo-ni. From this time and up to the present he has attended numerous retreats in the Zen tradition and others, ranging from a few days to longer retreats of several months; these being at Throsselhole Buddhist Priory (now Abbey), Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, and various other centres.

Of all the traditions encountered,Zen remains closest to his heart.

David is a qualified nurse ( RMN ), Trauma Specialist, and psychotherapy practitioner ( Gestalt Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy ). He has  been able to bring his long experience of meditation study, practice and teaching, to training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Breathworks approaches to pain and chronic health conditions.   The teaching of mindfulness within these modalities is purely secular and is  designed for people in the everyday world.

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